Part 2 of the fix: Rear axle seal Re-Install

4runner axle seal
remove and replace the 4runner axle seal


Part 2 of the 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner (1998) project in the garage is putting everything back together. Plus, a mini “built, not bought” feature. Use this document when taking the axle to the shop. it shows how much the abs ring and retainer (I keep calling it a race) needs to be pressed on. do not assume the shop will know hat to do. I did, and it cost me some time and a new abs ring and retainer (old one had to be cut off).

Hardest part of the job was getting the new seal back in. Buy a second seal, in case you bend the seal when placing it back in.

Not mentioned in the video is the air escape valve for the rear axle. It allows hot air to escape the axle, and does not let in water and dirt. if this is clogged, it will trap the hot air inside and force its was out of the seals, causing oil leaks.

Part 1:

Focus on the removal of the axle and all of the components, such as drum brakes, brake lines, parking brake cables, and much more.

Part 2;

Focus on re-installing all of these components, plus a mini “built, not bought” clip

The parts with the * in front require a machine press to be installed.

*Rear Wheel Bearing
*Rear Wheel Seal, Outer
Rear Wheel Seal, Inner
*Rear ABS Ring
*Rear Bearing Retainers: This is the important piece for the seal
Rear Axle O-Ring

Hopefully this video is entertaining and inspires you to get out and into the garage!

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