Rental Car Fun: California Canyons & Lamborghini Chase


I had the opportunity to visit Southern California and was handed the keys to freedom, in the form of a Rental car. A 2013 Chevrolet Impala was given to me, and we put it through some tough Southern California canyons. We found a lambo and chased it up the hill at high speeds (25mph). To my surprise, the 3.6 liter V6 puts out 300hp and gets pretty good gas mileage.

Day one consists of first impressions and touring the canyons near Topanga and Malibu, where we saw some Evo’s Fiat abarths, tons of BmW’s and Porsches, as well as the Lambo we chased up the hill.

The last day consists of traveling from Big Bear back down to L.A., which was a lot of great sweeping roads with amazing views. We had a better feel for the car, and explained the pros and cons now that we had a better understanding of the car.

Driving a rental car is a ton of fun. Accelerating quickly and taking sharp turns can make any car fun, specially if it is not yours. Just be respectful of others on the road and the company you are borrowing the car from and have fun!

In the intro we reference Cjip Foose’s shop. here are the details for the address and more info about taking a tour. I highly recommend going. It was an awesome experience for any gearhead!

I am also trying out new editing software. I have chosen Power Director as my editing software which has made things a lot easier for making these kinds of videos



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