Michael Seymour

Garage Topics main focus is sharing the love for the garage, or any area you call home for getting work done. Ever since a teenager, I have had a passion for working on cars and simply being in the garage. A great deal of my passion stemmed from watching “how to” car shows on the now defunct SPEED Network. I always thought it would be cool to make automotive-based videos that help other people learn. Thanks to technology – now I can!

I have restored several cars before launching Garage Topics by simply reading about how others went about restoring their own cars, which gave me confidence to give it a go on my own.  I hope the videos we create are both entertaining and educational. As long as people find this to be true, we will keep on making videos and sharing the great experiences of working on your own car.

If you have a question about any projects or anything automotive related, we would be happy to help! Email us at garagetopic@gmail.com