Honda S2000 Project Build: Modifying The Stock Radio – Ep.4

s2000 stock stereo upgrade
s2000 stock stereo upgrade

I establish what my goals are for the S2000, so we have a reference in which to modify. If you do not set goals, project creep can bite you in the ass.

Instead of replacing the radio, we add an auxiliary input into the back of the stock radio. This allows you to play whatever music you want through any device with a headphone jack. We take it one step further by making the radio by adapting bluetooth into the newly installed auxiliary jack.

This is the exact unit I used for my MY2000 S2000:
For 02+, use this link:

Double check which plug you have in the back of your S2000 before ordering, or you could order the wrong product like I did. It takes 5 minutes to remove your stock stereo from your Honda S2000.

If anyone has any questions about this video or any others, feel free to message me anytime.

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