Ford Fiesta ST Road Trip: Picking Up My Dream Car

Fiesta ST
Fiesta ST

Growing up as a kid in Australia, I have wanted a Holden for a very long time. I was super lucky when Pontiac decided to bring a few over to the states. The GTO was cool, but my dream car was a Holden Commodore. This car is commonly known as a Pontiac G8 GT.

My and my buddy Nathan drive from Virginia all the way to Detroit, Michigan. You see these stories all the time on message boards of a long distance purchase , so this was our turn to give it a try. It was a lot of fun going up there, but what happens when I went to purchase the G8 Gt is a whole different story!

This 2012 Mazda Mazdaspeed3 has been my daily driver for almost 2 years. The Mazdaspeed package completely changes the base mazda3 dynamics, making this a seriously fun car. The turbo hits hard and has minimal lag, and in my opinion, is more fun than the Ford Focus ST in the way it delivers power. This Speed3 has the technology package, which adds to the options blind spot monitoring, leveling headlights which turn based on the steering wheel, hid headlights, navigation, push button start, and keyless entry using proximity to the key FOB. The only modifications to this Mazda is a window tint (35%) and led lights in headlights and the license plate.

“Let’s go ahead and floor it just one more time.” #boostisfun

In the mountains and on tight and twisty roads, the Mazdaspeed3 is right at home. It is a well made car, and in my ownership I have had 0 issues with the car. My big complaint is the clutch, which pedal feel and engagement is tricky and I never 100% got the hang of it. Very different feeling compared to the clutch in the Miata. My test drive outlines these features and much more about a review of ownership spanning just under 2 years. We also take a look at the exterior, some drive-bys looking at the styling, and exhaust notes which show regular driving as well as WOT pulls through boost.

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